My PhD journey was not as smooth as I hoped it could be.

Before I started PhD, I had many people telling me that I’m sure to have it easy because I’m single and I don’t have to juggle my responsibilities between doing a doctorate and being part of a family. I agreed with this statement and I recognise the immense stress and responsibility that my friends who are on their journey with families have to deal with on a daily basis. Therefore, I didn’t like to feel that what struggles I went through were big enough a problem to be concerned about.

This is not a healthy view to have when doing PhD.

The stress of doing PhD while alone is a different kind of stress than when having a lot of people embarking on the journey with you. While I may not have encountered the problems and stresses that my non-single friends did, my experiences shouldn’t be invalidated or unacknowledged as stressful or harrowing in their own ways. Nor am I invalidating the experiences of other candidates.

Throughout this blog category, I will relive some episodes of my PhD Journey that I found to be crucial moments, whether in good ways or bad ways. I will also sprinkle in some tips for PhD. These tips will largely be based on my own experiences and therefore might or might not work for others. Remember that PhD journeys are different for each and every candidate.

And #SisTulisThesis will chronicle my own.

I invite everyone to share their PhD Journey, whether on-going or as recollections, because it sure does feel great to be able to find something we can relate to on this vast sea of desperate thesis times. Also, personally, I want to be able to look back at my PhD with fondness and awareness, so that I can help my own PhD students in the future without forgetting what I went through in my past.



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