A Busy Bee Should Be Tasting Honey?

Disclaimer : This post ended up having nothing to do with the title. Or maybe just a tiny bit. I don’t know. You tell me. Or don’t.

I changed my header to a more relatable one. This is what I call a headache and backache pose. I call this my “thesis-writing pose” but honestly, it can be applied to my busy life now. So I guess that makes it my “thesis-writing/working part-time pose” now?

I also like that I’m posing playfully in the image.

I’m still smiling. I enjoy being busy. Well, the kind of busy that I enjoy.

I honestly don’t have much to update here. I’m settling into work but also still trying to juggle my two hats; Arts Manager at Rimbun Dahan and PHD Candidate at ANU. Currently not such a big ordeal because I’m just having to do some additional reading and literature reviews for the corrections. I’m going to have to crank up my organisational skills (and anxiety coping mechanism) when I start gathering more data.

So what am I doing wasting my time with this blogpost?!

I’m stuck in a thunderstorm at work.


Since you’re still here reading this very pointless post, I’ll just quickly mention here that I saw a wild boar zoom past me in my workplace last month. I suspect this boar mentioned here is the same one because that happened very near my workplace and a few hours after I saw it.


Pumbaa didn’t prepare me for the horror.

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